Ankur Desai

Program / Dept 1
Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences
Program / Dept 2
Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies
Short Research Description

Our lab observes and models micrometeorological, ecological, and biogeochemical interactions of the surface with the atmosphere at regional to global scales, with a focus on anthropogenic influences to these interactions. Current projects center on several themes focused on understanding emergent ecosystem and atmospheric phenomena at regional spatial scales (100s to 1000s of km) in spatially heterogenous or complex systems.

Membership in other UW Grad Training Programs
Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, Environment and Resources, Freshwater and Marine Science, chair of Wisconsin Ecology
Undergrad Major:
Computer Science, Environmental Studies
Grad Major:
Geography (MA), Meteorology (PhD)
Anthropogenic climate change and land use, fossil fuel emissions and carbon cycle, weather and climate hazards.